Galloping Ghost Double Pass Arcade + Pinball Day Pass

Galloping Ghost Double Pass Arcade + Pinball Day Pass


Since time began, Man has always looked toward the future. Reaching for The Sun in a time of great desire to move forward. A future of uninterrupted prosperity, always just out of reach. The possibilities of imagination, ingenuity, and human perseverance, though unlimited, have always been bound by the technology and capabilities of the time. Until now. The Galloping Ghost Double Day Pass is the next step in the evolution of the gift pass as we know it. Unlock the full potential of thousands of years of Human ingenuity, culminating on the apex of perfection. Witness the future today!

Covers 1 full day admission to the arcade and the pinball arcade for 1 person. (Pass expires at 2am of the redemption date)

Not good in exchange for food drinks or merchandise.

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